Friday, July 31, 2009

DH goes to Mansfield Park

My DH has started Mansfield Park and has this to say so far:

Mansfield Park- I read the introduction in the edition I have and again asked why I am reading the book. Jane Austen is an interesting writer and I understand why people who read can be really into it.

Volume 1- pages 1-56 – I have now gotten the impression that some time in Miss Austen’s life she had seen families broken up, felt hardships and seen changes in people’s comfortable lifestyles.

The main character is Fanny and she has been sent to an aunt to have a better life, if you can say it’s better. I think being with your family is the best place to be. When you send someone off it causes conflicts but that’s what makes a good story.

This is my second Austen book and I am realizing the story lines are very period driven and similar. The key issues are so true to life and even in today’s climate they are still true.

Back to Mansfield Park, the characters are very interesting and do work into the plots in the other books, girls to marry, fortunes lost and won, and people dying and changing the story. Love won and lost. That’s about where I am right now.
Lost in Austen

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