Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy, Happy

The other day saw me doing a little happy dance. At the library, I found the first two volumes of a mystery series by Cara Black that I've wanted to start reading for a long time. It is set in Paris and is about a computer forensics expert named Aimee Leduc. I've already begun the first novel, Murder in the Marais, which starts out with a search for an encrypted photo and the murder of an old woman. Aimee finds herself investigating neo-nazis and secrets going back fifty years to WWII. (The book begins in 1993.) So far I'm enjoying it very much. Yeah libraries!

My stitching has been a little slow. I'm working on a correspondence course from the EGA, and I have a lifetime's worth of other projects to get started. Sometimes reading takes over from stitching and sometimes it's the reverse.


  1. Good morning,
    That is the case with me right now,,I am doing alot of reading and not so much stitching...just not enough hours in the day...sounds like a great series...

  2. Yes, I'm enjoying it so far.