Monday, March 21, 2011

I think the procrastinating has gone on long enough!

What can I say?

I get like this sometimes. Procrastination seems to be something I'm really good at. At least, I always have time for it! Maybe I should have called this blog "The Queen of Procrastinating Blog" or "The Once in a Blue Moon Blog" or maybe "The Procrastination Station Blog." Then there'd be a good reason for long gaps between posts.

Over the winter I was busy mostly cleaning out stuff I didn't need anymore or didn't want anymore. There is a box for our church's penny social, and a bag for Salvation Army, and some boxes of stuff that have gone on ebay. My EGA chapter held a swap meet over the winter, and I donated some stitchy stuff for that. The only problem is that I came home with new-to-me stitchy stuff!

More importantly, it feels good to clear out things and feel that I can move on with my life instead of living in the past, which is another of my weaknesses. At one point, I realized that holding onto the past won't bring it back. That made it easier to let go of things.

Doing all this cleaning out may have kept me from the blog, but it didn't keep me from my reading or stitching. I managed to do all the reading for the Jane Austen challenge, although I still haven't done my JA sampler. Among the books that I read over the winter were Dangerous Liaisons by Chaderlos de Laclos and Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe. Both were excellent. I found a dvd copy of Moll Flanders with Alex Kingston as Moll and Daniel Craig as Jamie. It is a great adaptation, although one caveat - there is quite a bit of explicit nudity and sex. The raciness is in the book, just underneath the surface.

I also got caught up with one of my favorite mystery series, the Marcus Didius Falco books by Lindsey Davis. The latest one out is Nemesis (good, but a shocking ending!) and also The Official Falco Companion (warning - at least one spoiler is in it).

Right now I'm on the penultimate novel of the Poldark series, The Twisted Sword. This one brings Ross and Demelza to Paris just as Bonaparte returns to France. The battle of Waterloo is looming ahead, although no one knows yet that the peace isn't permanent. The Poldark children are now grown, and at least one is in Belgium. I'm happy to say that after 10 novels (this is the 11th), the story and characters haven't grown stale.

What have I been stitching? A little of this and a little of that. I'm still working on the Mallard Collage, which I'd like to have done by the end of this month. Also did some framing and finishing on old projects, but haven't taken photos of them yet. Below are photos of what I started on my JA sampler, and some of my progress on the Mallard Collage. (I've worked a bit on it since the photo was taken.)

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