Tuesday, April 1, 2014

No April Foolin'

I've been in a fog lately - a big, dense stitchy fog.  I pick a project up, stitch on it, put it down, forget about it, stitch on something else, put that down and forget about it, and so on.  A lot gets stitched on, but nothing gets finished.  This has got to stop.

So the other day, I get this brilliant idea.  Not a challenge, because I'm terrible at challenges, and besides, one of my New Year's Resolutions was "no new challenges."  Let's call this a pledge.  It's really more of a to-do list, but "pledge" implies more commitment than "to-do."  Each month, I do up to 5 small projects, and one larger project, either a UFO or WIP.  The smalls are items I can do in a day or two, bookmarks or Christmas ornaments mostly.  The bigger projects will probably require a month to finish just the stitching.  I'm not worrying about framing anything just yet.

Below is April's selection.

I've selected two cross stitch pieces that I've been meaning to make into hangings for my front door, a daschshund bookmark, a beaded project, and a cross stitch picture of a shepherd whose colors I intend to change.  The large project is an outreach for my EGA chapter.  It is a selection from the Torah, and it is for a project called Torah Stitch by Stitch.  The goal is to create a Torah in cross stitch, and volunteers from around the world are stitching passages assigned to them.  It is a real honor to participate in this.

I intend to blog about my progress on these projects, so hopefully blogging will keep me motivated to stitch and stitching will motivate me to blog.  The only problem is that I'll need more time to stitch, which means less time to read.  Maybe less time to sleep instead?

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