Sunday, January 18, 2015

Seen any UFOs flying around?

I finished 2014 on such a high note with my finish on Roses.  It gave me the energy to go back to all my UFOs and make this year of 2015 the year of the UFO.

Okay, I decide to make every year "the year of the UFO" with every intention of finishing them, and then I never do.  But now I've finished another UFO, the blackwork sampler for my EGA chapter's 40th anniversary challenge.  And yet another is near finishing, the little picture of the Suffolk sheep done mostly in French knots.  And January is not even over yet!

So now I'm thinking, I can clear up this UFO backlog this year.  I have about 20 UFOs.  If I could finish two a month, I'd get them all done this year.  But realistically, this won't be possible.  Some of them have too much work left and will each take longer than one month.  But I can get a lot of them done.  Fifteen, maybe. Fifteen in 2015.  Sounds like a good idea.

So the plan, resolution, whatever, for 2015 is to finish fifteen UFOs.  Is it cheating if I start with the one I've already finished?

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