Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Finishes

I seem to be finishing ufo's faster than I can blog about them.  February is a short month, so only three projects got done.

From left to right:

  • Sampling the Seashore - another project designed by Susan Goodman using one of her photographs and taught at MCEGA  .
  • Exotic Flower - designed by Margaret Kinsey and taught by her at MCEGA in July 2014.  This one is an introduction to stumpwork and goldwork.  We had the option of cutting - or chipping - wire threads into small pieces to sew on the flower or using bugle beads that were also included in the kit. I used the beads, but I added seed beads from my own stash.  I also did the stem in Fyre Werks gold instead of the gold and green wires included in the kit.  The pieces had to be cut precisely, and I just wasn't getting them the right size.  Fyre Werks, made by Rainbow Gallery, is like ribbon and covered the padding on the stem nicely.
  • Summer VaCATion - designed by Valerie Danish of Val's Stuff and featured in the August 2007 issue of Just CrossStitch Magazine.  I have to add some cute little "summery" buttons - a couple of surf boards and a pair of flip flops - but since the flip flops seem a little fragile, I'll sew them on when I frame this.
So that's it for February.  March and April look pretty busy, so I plan to get only one project done each month.  Maybe more if I'm lucky.

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