Friday, July 10, 2009

Everything Austen Challenge

Is it crazy to enter the blogosphere by entering a blog challenge? I'm asking myself this as I think of the six Austen-related things I'd like to do by January 1, 2010.

The Everything Austen Challenge was started by Stephanie at Stephanie's Written Word. It sounds like a lot of fun. Think of six Austen-themed things that you'd like to do over the next six months, do them, blog about them, and link to her blog.

So, here are my six:
1. Listen to Persuasion in French and read along with the text.
2. Read Northanger Abbey and The Mysteries of Udolpho together.
3. Read Jane Austen's Letters.
4. Watch at least one dvd with my DH (except for the 2006 "Pride and Prejudice" which he has seen more times than I have although he denies it).
5. Read an annotated Pride and Prejudice.
6. Cross stitch a Jane Austen sampler. (The one I have in mind is in issue 86 of New Stitches Magazine.)

Laurel Ann at Austenprose has suggested doubling the number to twelve in an Everything Austen Challenge X2, but I haven't quite decided on the next six.

Last night I was telling my DH about the Everything Austen Challenge, and just to make life interesting, he suggested a side challenge with me. If he reads all six Austen novels by his 50th birthday in October, I have to buy him a new bike for his 51st birthday. We stopped at Borders and he bought his own copies of Persuasion and Sense & Sensibility, and he started Persuasion this morning. No word yet on how he's enjoying it!

We'll see how this works out.


  1. So cool that your hubby is joining in!! I'm glad to have you joining my challenge and blogging!
    Don't forget to come to my blog (and click on the green Everything Austen tab at the top) each time you have an update so we can follow along!

  2. That is so neat,,,hope he keeps up with it...keep us posted.

  3. How nice to do the Challenge together.
    I can't wait to see what your Jane Austen stitching will look like.
    I'm also stitching and reading in a foreign language for the Everything Austen Challenge.

  4. Thank you, Yv! What language are you reading Austen in?

  5. Oops I just saw your question now *Ü* I'm reading in (old) English (look at my blog), and English is a foreign language to me because I live in the Netherlands.
    Since joining the Everything Austen Challenge I've learned a new word (probably more than one too LOL) an "ANNOTATED" book, well that's my copy of P&P I think, because it has note's.