Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mixed Up in Austen Land

July 12, 2009
This is the third day and I have read 4 chapters of Persuasion. All I can say is between the dysfunctional family and the bouncing story lines it’s hard for a person to keep up. I am used to reading science fiction and science fact; both are organized somewhat I feel analytical and easier to read. It will get better for sure, after all it’s a classic and has stood the test of time.
I have figured out that Elizabeth is the sensible one, a Princess Lea type, leaving I think Annie as the lost soul or an early Luke Skywalker or even Frodo Baggins. Thought everything was set and has trouble dealing with decisions and what has happened. The Father I think Sir Elliott is kind of a C3PO character trying to help everyone out but not looking at the big picture all the time.
I am trying hard to read the book without thinking of the movie which I say I enjoyed the soundtrack but the movie and casting did intrigue me.
I am looking forward to getting more into the book and posting later this week.
Lost in Austen.
July 13, 2009
As usual I am mixed up in Austen land. The movie is Pride and Prejudice and not Persuasion. After thinking, most of what I know about Austen is from the movies which are usually rewritten to get an audience. So I will have to block out the movies and just read.
My wife said C3PO is not a good choice for Sir Elliot I am looking at the confusion state of his life right now. I am sure as the text goes on I will be able to re-assign character to him as I see it.
Lost in Austen

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