Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First Steps on the Austen Challenge

My DH is getting ahead of me in this challenge, but I've started the first of my items. I've listened and read along the first three chapters of Persuasion in French. (One of my lifelong ambitions is to be fluent in French, and it may well take a lifetime to achieve it!) DH has asked me to post the first of his Austen diary, so if you scroll down, you'll be able to read his thoughts on Persuasion.

In the meantime, I'm reading the fifth and final volume of Christian Jacq's series of novels about Ramses the Great. They have been very entertaining, although I imagine that they're more fiction than history. I don't mind that in this case because so little is known about Ramses. I keep in mind that these are fun novels about a great pharoah. After I'm done with it, I'll start Persuasion in English.

I'd also like to thank Stephanie and Devon for reading my blog and leaving comments!


  1. You are most welcome,,how can I of my most favorite items samplers and I watched persuasion the BBC version and really enjoyed it..and Two ladies in Lavender liked that one to...I am so jealous you are learning French that and German would be the languages I would learn if time permitted..good luck with it and keep us posted...

  2. I tried learning German in college. It was really hard, but maybe someday I'll try again. Thank you for reading!