Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just Doodlin' Around

I've been thinking that it's high time I do a little blogging about my stitching. So far, my projects are moving slowly. But I decided to pull out my doodle canvas and share some of the stitches I've practiced on it. It has been a while since I did some of these stitches, and of course, I've forgotten what they were and my notes are buried. But I believe that the purple stitches are (clockwise from the top) diagonal cashmere, diagonal upright cross, slanted encroaching gobelin, and encroaching gobelin.
The brown is a cashmere variation, while below it is an experiment with the cameo stitch. The Rhodes hearts were just for fun.

The yellow stitches in this photo are, I believe, burden stitches. The green is done in Alicia lace variation and the brown is diagonal mosaic. The orange stitches are upright cross, staggered cross stitch, diagonal mosaic, and slashed cross stitch.

Here is another view, with blue stitches in alternating continental and upright cross stitch.

Sometimes it's just fun to experiment and pull out colors and threads that you wouldn't necessarily use on a more serious project.

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