Sunday, August 16, 2009

More of DH's Diary

DH has made some more progress on his Jane Austen Challenge. Here's the latest installment from his diary:

Journal Number 6
Well it’s been a crazy few weeks. I am reading Mansfield Park the old fashioned way and Pride and Prejudice on the computer thanks to Barnes and Noble EReader. It was part of the Software Download.
The reader itself has some flaws but it allows you to read the book on your PC, IPod or IPhone and more applications are coming soon. It was recently compared to the Amazon Kindle in the NY times. It was a great article.
Now back to Jane. I am stuck between books so it’s time to choose. I am 75 % done with Pride and Prejudice and just finished volume one of Mansfield Park.
After being on the second and third book of six, I have to get back on track.
The stories are interesting and the conflicts are also at times confusing when reading them together. I understand the stories were written in a short period of time so story lines can reoccur and the era the books were written are also reflected in the story lines.
The premise of all the stories I know is to marry off your daughters to the richest or most established and for the sons to marry within your station and for the better of your families.
The conflict of old money and new money comes into the story. The classes collide; the Admiralty and Professionals, which many times is the new money as the Industrial age started, and of course the royal class, the Sirs and Ladies of the estates.
This time is also the time of British expansion for needed materials for the production and the expansion of the British Empire. These all play into the story lines. As a student of business history this part is what gives me the most interest to keep reading. Nobody ever looks at novels as a reflection of economic times. Some day I think I will reread the books and look at them totally from a business prospective.
Lost in Austen or just on target!

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