Saturday, September 5, 2009

Another checkmark on the list

Yesterday I finished reading my copy of Jane Austen's letters, so that's a second item accomplished for the Everything Austen Challenge. I enjoyed the letters, but my edition had only the letters, no essay or notes to explain who she was writing about or what the context was. So, down the road, I'd like to get a better edition of them.

I'm almost halfway through Udolpho. Much to my surprize, this is a fun read. It seems overwrought by today's standards. Emily cries at the drop of a hat, but she is also strong enough to stand up to her evil relatives who want her to marry someone she doesn't like. Count Morano, her uncle's choice, reminds me a little of Sir Guy of Gisborne, someone who would be good if he only had the love of the right woman. Not that the Count is as evil as Sir Guy, but he's definitely not good enough for Emily. I also like the servant, Annette. She is superstitious and believes in ghosts, but she is also chatty and loves a good gossip. When she learns a secret about Emily's uncle Montoni, she just can't resist the urge to tell Emily.

I found a cute Quaker-style sampler at Jardin Prive. It is called Gentleman Quaker, and the figure on it reminds me of Mr. Darcy.

I hope this is okay, but I've been responding to comments left on the posts within the comments. (Does that make sense?) Thank you for reading my blog!

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