Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Doctor, Doctor

Some of my friends probably think I’m a little crazy because I like these charts of celebrities which appear in each issue of Cross Stitcher Magazine(UK). I’m way too old to have posters of hunky actors on my bedroom walls. But the Doctor is a different story. Dr. Who is one of my favorite TV shows, in part because I like David Tennant in the role. (DH prefers Tom Baker.) If you watch the show, then you know that there have been 10 time-traveling Doctors since the 1960’s.

Sometimes it seems to me that this is an odd thing for a Jane Austen fan to like. DH loves science fiction, but me, not as much. If Jane were alive today, would she watch Dr. Who? It’s a very well written, character driven show, not unlike her novels. Okay, not all the characters in Dr. Who are human, but it is science fiction after all. I’m no expert, but I think that if Jane Austen really enjoyed the gothic novels of her day, she would probably enjoy this, too.

This chart appeared in issue 189 (August 2007) of The Cross Stitcher Magazine ( It is a very good likeness of David Tennant, and I love the sepia look of the color scheme. I started it at last year’s Shore Leave Convention, so it is a nice souvenir of a really good time last summer. Not sure yet how I’ll finish it off, but I’m thinking of a frame with a matte. Maybe someday I’ll get the Doctor’s autograph on it!

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