Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DH is getting close

DH is getting close to the end of his JA challenge. The next installment in his diary:

S&S is done. I am sorry to say I think I like this one the best. I was a bit lost and I needed to clarify some things but I got it done.
Closing thoughts- Jane must have something with the letter W. It seems that if you have a W last name, you become a jerk or screw up someone’s life.
Then there is the rain. In the books someone always is in love or falling out of love and gets caught in the rain and gets very sick and its never at home so they have to impose one someone and the story line gets slowed or stopped and the drama moves in a different direction but it always works out.
After I finished the book I watched the last part of the Masterpiece Theatre version of S&S. I really liked it and it clarifed and confused at the same time. But after that we watched the movie version - very interesting interpetation. At times it messed with my mind again. I have learned one thing - Jane Austen is a great read but an adaptation can really screw up a story.
Well Emma is next and then I am finished. Its less than a month to the end of my challenge. Later,BR=

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