Saturday, January 9, 2010

First Finishes 2010

My first finishes of 2010 are a pin sampler for DH and one of my Christmas presents.

DH loves Tintin. His father was from Belgium, so DH grew up reading the Tintin books in English. I found this chart on a French blog a few years ago, and was looking for a use for it. (My apologies to that blogger for not finding her site and giving her credit. I didn't feel right posting a picture.) Since DH also likes to collect souvenir pins, I figured he'd like a Tintin pin sampler. Okay, this was supposed to be ready for Christmas, but the first week in January still counts as Christmas, doesn't it?

The book is an historical mystery, Murder on the Eiffel Tower by Claude Izner, that DH gave me for Christmas. It is set in Paris in 1889 during the World Exposition, and it's not exactly giving away the plot to say that a murder occurs on the newly opened Eiffel Tower. Victor Legris, an antiquarian book seller, finds himself investigating this mysterious death along with several others that occur in a short time. It was very entertaining, and the killer's identity remained a mystery to me until the end. I loved the setting, 19th century Paris, and Victor's shop reminded me of the Isaac Mendoza shop in Lower Manhattan, now long closed. This is the first in a series of French novels, eight so far with the first five translated into English.

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