Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oh frabjous day!

This is what I called last Sunday after seeing Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland." It was wonderful! I wasn't sure about it at first after reading how much the story was changed for the film, but the film stands on its own merits. Tim Burton understands that Wonderland (or Underland in the movie) isn't a trite fairy tale world full of whimsical characters, but a dark place that is sometimes scary, sometimes menacing, and always full of challenges. The deviations from the book didn't bother me at all because the characters were the same. Helena Bonham-Carter almost steals it as the Red Queen, but Johnny Depp, et al, keep her in check. Now I'm looking forward to seeing it in 3-D and to rereading the book.

Another recent film adaptation that differed from the original book was "The 39 Steps," shown a couple of weeks ago on Masterpiece Classic. Once again, the differences didn't bother me because the story was so good, and Rupert Penry-Jones was great as Richard Hannay. I've reread "The 39 Steps" and am now reading the second novel to feature Hannay, "Greenmantle." Some of John Buchan's observations about different nationalities, ethnic and religious groups are dated now, but the stories are still readable, and Hannay keeps an open mind about the people around him.

I'm still working on the Yankees logo, but have also started a little Easter decoration featuring the Tasmanian Devil. The doodle cloth is where I'm trying out different black threads for another project I've got planned.

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