Thursday, April 21, 2011

The banner that wasn't

"Books and Samplers" was a design I did myself, with the intention of finishing it and photographing it for the banner of this blog. However, as I stitched on it, I found that the fabric's grain was off. The words look like they're marching uphill! I don't know if there's a way to fix it, and it kind of bothers me, so this one has become a UFO. But I'm okay with that. This blog is, after all, a work in progress, just like its writer!

Another thing is that I'm not sure if the Ackworth motifs work as a border for this design. Possibly the scale is too big and a smaller, simpler border, like the one for "Bienvenue," would work better. So it may be "back to the drawing board" for this one. (Maybe I should redesign this as a Quaker sampler?)

fabric - 32ct sandstone linen

thread - WDW "Merlin"

alphabet - Times New Roman from

border - Quaker motifs from The Pattern Book by Jacqueline Holdsworth, Needleprint


  1. You surely did not get your stitching off. I wonder if the fabric is a little crooked. That can be fixed when you block it. Tack or lace to a mat board that is absolutely square and tighten where you need. Years ago, I used to find that some fabrics - calicos and others - would be off square. So I learned to have a friend help me = we would pull hard on opposite corners and then the fabric could be pulled back into shape.

    Deb in Idaho
    Antique-Style Cross Stitch and Needle Point Designs

  2. Hi Deb! I was thinking the same thing about blocking it. I've never had this problem with a piece of fabric before, and didn't know if it would be worth continuing or if I should start over again on a different piece of fabric. Right now I'm not happy with the border either. It looks too big now. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting!