Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Had a little trouble last night uploading pictures, but here they are at last.  The top picture also relates to the Off the Shelf challenge at Bookish Ardour, since I'm reading The Mystery of Edwin Drood for that.  Long ago, there was a musical version of Edwin Drood on Broadway, which I went to see.  

I switched to a smaller jar for my orts, since I do my stitching in the living room, and my cats are likely to knock over anything I don't want them to knock over.  The small jar, which previously held Coleman's Mustard, has only gone missing once, and I was able to find it without too much cursing trouble.  It contains all my orts since the last TUSAL post in January, so I've done a fair amount of stitching.

Don't know what a TUSAL is?  Go to Daffycat and read all about it!

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