Wednesday, August 21, 2013

And then there were 18

My 20 Projects Challenge got off to a fast start with two quick finishes, a little Halloween project that I'd been working on at EGA meetings, and a beaded bracelet which I made in a class held by my EGA chapter. The bracelet was my first attempt at jewelry making and it was so much fun!  The pattern is called the Tila Crystal Bead Bracelet, and the directions are sold at Around the Beading Table, a blog definitely worth checking out.

Cat Roundabout by Cecilia Turner of Heart in Hand Needleart

The next project I picked up was a ufo from last summer, a project from the August 2007 issue of Just Cross Stitch.  It is worked on 10 count tula with DMC #5 pearl cotton and Caron Watercolours, and is a delight to stitch.  Gandalf is guarding it for me in the photo below, and with his help, I've gotten a little further on it than the picture shows.

Summer VaCATion by Valerie Danish of Val's Stuff.

It occurs to me that I haven't posted a list of my 20 projects (minus 2 finishes).  I'll have to dig it out and add it to the blog.  I'm worried that I've bitten off more than I can chew, but we'll see.  One of my challenges is to learn how to knit socks, but first I have to learn how to knit.  Luckily, my mother is an expert knitter, and got me started on an easy beginner's project, which we decided would be a potholder.  I've finished the first and have started on a second.  Knitting is so relaxing!

As if all this weren't enough, I also have a mystery project to finish, that is, a sampler which must remain a mystery for now.  In a few months, I'll share pictures.

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