Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bienvenue and books

Lately my mind has felt pretty blank. No ideas to blog about, no exciting finishes, not even a pretty picture to post. Well, I did manage to finish The Phantom of the Opera over the weekend. Now I want to see the movie, the Andrew Lloyd Webber version, to compare with the book. And I did a tiny bit of stitching, a little welcome sign that I was thinking of hanging on my front door, only now it strikes me as a bit pretentious since I stitched "bienvenue" rather than "welcome." I'll still finish it off, but maybe for inside the house.

Did I ever blog about the library book sale I went to last month? I was lucky enough to find a pile of books about needlework. Usually I go home with mysteries for myself and science fiction for DH. At the same sale, I also found one of Zola's novels in the Rougeon-Macquart series in French. Of course, it also came home with me, even though I have a long way to go before I can read Zola in French.

The Everything Austen Challenge is still very much on my mind. I have almost finished my annotated Pride & Prejudice, as well as the audio of Persuasion in French. (The music soundtrack on that one is beautiful!) The last item on my challenge list is to stitch a Jane Austen project, but I don't think I'll get this done by December 31. I want to make a couple of changes on the original design I had picked, which is taking longer than planned. I also have to decide on a color and fabric for it.

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